Janice Reports Eight Years Younger

Janice is currently in New York filming A Melody Looking directed by Leon. Besides having many scenes with Chapman To, she also has a sis-bro relationship with 14 year-old mixed named Jacob. Janice lied and told him she is only 16 years old. The shy Jacob said, “Janice and I are almost the same age. I’m 14. She’s 16 (Janice’s actual age is 24). It’s easy to communicate. She’s nice and cute.” Janice joked, “It proves that I look like I’m 16 years old. If he knows I’m 10 years older than him, he’ll feel there’s a generation gap and can’t act like a couple, so I lied to him! He actually believes me!”

That day, Leon turned a church in New York’s Soho district into an elegant restaurant to film a romantic dance between Janice and Jacob. Janice wore a sexy low cut dress with 3-inch heels. Janice said, “For better results, I’m wearing a corset underneath. Any tighter I will not be able to breathe.” Jacob is the son of a filming crew member. When facing the camera, he was nervous and shy. At his side, Janice made funny faces for him to relax and be absorbed in the filming process.

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