Janice & Jill, Family of Four Travelling to Paris

The night before, Jill, Charles Ying, and Ellane Kwong attended Ocean Park’s 30th Anniversary Party – A Celebration For The Senses, and they sang and dance onstage. Jill even went offstage to tell the fans to sing and dance together, and she even tell Charles to come onstage to dance with her. The atmosphere was very lively.

Jill expressed she was most happy in the Lunar New Year was when her mother came to HK. The whole family were reunited in the new year. As her mother didn’t understand her daughters’ lives as artists, when she landed in HK on the first day, she misunderstood the journalists waiting at the arrival hall as Janice’s friends. The next day she was shocked looking in the newspapers. It made the sisters feel very funny.

Jill revealed that after Janice’s concert is over, the family of four will be travelling to Paris, because it’s been a long time since they went to have fun together. Charles, who went to Paris twice, immediately introduced many scenic spots. He also expressed that he accidently broke a pair of glasses worth 900 francs while trying it on at a shop. Although he didn’t have to pay for it, he felt embarrassed and bought another pair to make up for it.

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