Janice, Jill, & Charles Seal Big Red Packets

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year. Janice, Jill, and Charles did the lion dance to celebrate the new year. They wish everyone happy Pig Year, rich like a fat piggy, best wishes, and good health! This Year of the Pig, the three’s wishes are still continuing to sing good songs and hoping their voices are heard wherever there’s Chinese people.

Janice, Jill, and Charles seen plenty of lion dances but never thought they’re able to carry the heavy golden lion’s head for the first time. This Lunar New Year, it is believed that it’s Janice and Jill’s happiest year. Although they have to continue to work, Janice is busy with her concert at the end of March, so it’s not like last year where they got to return to Korea for the new year. However, it’s rare for their mother to return to HK to spend the new year with them. It is believed it’s much better than having a break from work.

The Vidal sisters spoke frankly that they anticipate this Lunar New Year very much. They expect to receive a lot of money from red packets. Janice spoke frankly that when they were little and their mother was still living in HK, they received a lot of red packets every year. She said, "Mommy has a lot of friends in HK. Every Lunar New Year, we would follow her to make new year greetings. Naturally, there would be a lot of red packets! But since mommy returned to Korea, red packets decreased a lot. Each year there’s only several hundreds of dollars. When she returns, we can receive a lot again!"

Jill said Korea’s reunion dinner are very spicy. It’s extremely different from HK. She said, "The most unforgettable is Janice and I spending the new year in Korea. We saw our aunt’s son putting a handful of chili sauce in his mouth. It was so spicy that he cried. We got scared. We could only use a water hose to constantly spray his mouth. I was worried getting yelled at when the adults discover him crying. We lied by saying he fell down. In the end, it was exposed and we got yelled at on new years."

When Charles was in Form 5, he spent an extremely frightening new year in Taiwan. He said, "It was 4th day of the new year. My mother suddenly told me to go with her to Tainan. She said I had to help someone we know generations ago to reconcile grudges. My mother wanted me to wear a Bao Gong outfit and Chinese ancient outfit for pictures. And then, I went into a temple for a ceremony. The atmosphere was very scary!" Like in the past years, Charles would spend the new year in Taiwan. When continue counting, he has more than ten thousand dollars of red packets. He said, "There’s not a big amount. The red packets are turned over to my mother. There was a year I wanted to buy a game console. I bravely suggested to my mother to use half of the red packets for the game console and the other half to buy her a gift."

The three young lads are tied to their careers, so they don’t want love temporarily. When asked on new year wishes, Janice and Charles want to release Mandarin albums to develop in the Southeast Asia markets. Jill wants to sing more good fast songs, be more healthy, and no more asthma attacks. Recently busy with her concert, Janice wants to officially take a private 3-week break after her concert is done. She said, "Entering the showbiz for two years, an assistant is beside me wherever I go. After the concert, I really want to go to Paris, England, and Spain with Jill. Just only the two of us." Jill said, "We want to have private time. I hope the company approves it!"

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