Janice Endures Pain of Giving Up New Year Cakes

Entering the new year, although the twin sisters Janice and Jill know their Chinese is not good, they dared to accept challenges. They wrote red banners to pay new year’s calls to everyone. The two invited their good label brother Charles Ying for assistance, but Charles studied at an international school when he was little. He can only read Chinese but not write. In the end, the three looked at the wall of red banners to complete the project smoothly. Afterwards, they expressed that they’ll have to painstakingly learn Chinese.

This Lunar New Year holiday, Janice, Jill, and Charles received approval from their company to take a break, but Janice has to continue to practice her singing to prepare for her first concert next month. She forced a smile and said, "Actually, the most saddest is not working on new year’s. It is keeping fit and giving up certain food. I like to eat new year cakes. In the past, I would usually make them to eat, but I have to give up eating them this year. I can’t eat all the fatty food." Jill smiled and said, "Because in April my sister and I will vacation in Paris, I will not leave HK for new year’s. I rather stay to accompany her." Like other new year’s, Charles will spend it in Taiwan, but he hopes there’s an opportunity to develop in Taiwan and in the mainland this new year.

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