Janice Doesn’t Want to be Seen in a Bikini

Janice attended a promotional event for an electric appliance store in Mongkok. As a spokesperson, Janice receives a guest card in which she can shop with a honored service. Janice and her sister, Jill, is currently moving into a new house. Since she is currently the spokesperson for an electric appliance store, the time is just right. Janice wishes to buy a 50" LCD television and buy a 40" TV for her dad.

Although the two sisters are away from their dad, they agreed to help pay his dad’s rent and to take care of him. Janice recently had put on some weight again and was asked if she wants to be a spokesperson for a health company. She hesitated and said that you might have to film a comercial in a bikini. She doesn’t want anyone to see her in swimming suits since she feels uncomfortable that way. Janice disclosed that she minds being fat and even her manager told her to lose some weight.

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