Janice & Charles Ying Party at Malaysia Beach

Earlier, Janice and Charles Ying went to Malaysia to promote their albums, and also participated in a music party held by a local radio station 988. The party also had Dylan Kuo, Ah Ngau, Gary Cao, and other singers. The party was held at a man-made sand beach where 8,000 people watched.

Janice said, “The stage was constructed on the beach. The fans below all wore swimsuits. Some were standing in water watching the show. It was my first time singing on a beach. It was very fun! The Malaysian fans are very passionate. I hope HK can have a music concert on a beach.” The two accepted the local station’s interview. The radio station also held a small gathering with the fans. The fans even presented a birthday cake to celebrate Janice’s birthday on April 13th. Janice said, “I’m very happy meeting Malaysian fans for the first time. They like my song 大哥 (Big Brother) the most. In the future, I have to go to Malaysia more to promote. The best is to have an opportunity to hold a concert.”

In addition, they tried the local food and shopping nonstop. Janice said, “Although food in Malaysia is good, I can’t eat too much. I’m a spokesperson for slimming service. I have to keep my body shape.” Charles said, “It’s my first time in Malaysia. I like the weather here, because I like to sunbathe. I hope I can come here more often to work in the future.”

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