Janice and Jill’s Korean-Chinese Mother Arrives in HK

Janice and Jill Vidal have always told of their mother being a Chinese-Korean who looked quite like Paula Tsui. But the mother of the two singers has never been exposed to the public. On the 14th of January, the mother flew to Hong Kong from Korea. She will be spending Valentines Day and the Lunar New Year with her two daughters.

At 11pm on Valentines Day, Janice appeared at the Hong Kong airport to pick up her mum who had not been in Hong Kong for 20 years. When waiting for her arrival, Janice nervously commented, “Mum has not been back for 20 years, I am nervously waiting for her arrival! She has listened to my album but believes that I had it up myself. (You’re coughing?) It’s my asthma. (Will Jill be coming?) She is waiting at home. The earlier mum comes back to be with us, the better. I’m getting impatient! (How long will she be staying?) The longer the better, I want to take a break to stay with mum.”

Janice’s mother emerged at 11:45pm, wearing a dark blue jacket and black boots. This made her appear as fashionable as her dear daughter. Her hair was curled and had a superior and calm manner. Janice’s mother did quite look like Paula Tsui. When seeing her mother, Janice immediately rushed to help push the luggage and posed for photos with her mother.

Janice’s mother did not refuse to be photographed and also smiled happily. Despite being sick earlier, Janice’s mother seemed healthy and energetic. As her Cantonese is not that good, Janice’s mother spoke in Korean and English. When asked if she knew her daughters were popular singers, she gave a wide smile and expressed that she will be staying in Hong Kong for a week. Janice then said, “My mum will be staying for a week and then will return to Korea to work. She will be coming back to Hong Kong for my concert.”

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