Jang Ri In Releases Her First EP ‘Timeless’

With 870,000 downloads for her popular song Timeless, newcomer Jang Ri In (Zhang Li Yin) will officially release her EP on September 8, 2006. This young but talented girl is standing tall as one of the megastars in SM. She will start a music journey to spread her music throughout Asia.

After Kangta, BoA, TVfXQ, and Super Junior, Jang Ri In is SM’s 2006 Chinese newcomer. Timeless was available for free downloads starting on August 31 on Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian entertainment websites. Her song received massive recognition from the netizens.

The Timeless music video is acted by Super Junior’s Si Won and Hangeng, as well as Lee Yeon Hee. On a Korean website, the Timeless music video is continuously at the number one spot on their charts.

Jang Ri In’s first EP includes the title song Timeless featuring Xiah Junsu from TVfXQ and slow R&B styled Y (Why..).

September 9 – Jang Ri In will debut! Let’s hope for her to have a long musical life!

Title song Timeless is an Eastern R&B styled song. It is an unique love song resang by Jang Ri In and Junsu.

With a gentle rhythm, spirits and sound, and an emotional melody, this song is Timeless!

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