Jang Nara, “I like cooking but nobody eats it”

Jang Nara held an interview with a Japanese newspaper prior to the DVD release of ‘Success Story of a Bright Girl’ in Japan.

Sankei Sports met with Jang Nara in Seoul in regards to the DVD which is to be released on the 6th of the coming month.

Jang Nara commented, “I hope everyone in Japan will watch it,” while Sankei Sports mentioned her love of Japan.

She said she visits the Nagashima Onsen near Nagoya on her free time and always buys traditional Japanese snacks called Jagariko and also enjoys Japanese Ramen along with books by Murakami Haruki and Murakami Ryu.

She also mentioned she liked the movie ‘Death Note’ directed by Ganeko Shunsuke commenting, “I like Matsuyama Kenichi who played Detective L and would like to meet him. I would like to make a castle made of cookies for Detective L who likes sweets.”

Sankei Sports also reported that Jang Nara who played the super maid in the series aired in 2002 likes to cook and does so often, but nobody eats it.

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