Jang, Han Top Actors of 2nd Half

Actor Jang Dong-gun and actress Han Ga-in have earned the most votes in a recent popularity survey. Rain and Lee Hyo-lee topped the singers’ list and Yoo Jae-suk and Cho Hye-lyun took the comedian vote.

The results come from a September survey conducted by a marketing research firm on 1,400 Korean men and women in five major cities.

Among actors, Jang, with 23 percent of the votes, again ranked atop the poll as he did in the year’s first half. Trailing behind was Ahn Seong-gi (9.5%), Song Il-guk (8.9%), Lee Joon-ki (5.3%) and Han Seok-gyu (5.2%). Kwon Sang-woo, Kang Dong-won, Bae Yong-jun, Choi Soo-jong and Won Bin rounded out the top ten.

In the actress category, Han Ga-in led the group with 9.5 percent followed by Kim Tae-hee (8%), Lee Young-ae (7.9%), Kim Hye-soo (7.0%), Song Hye-kyo and Jeon Ji-hyeon with a tie, Lee Na-young, Lee Mi-yeon, Han Hye-jin and Jeon Do-yeon.

Among male singers, Rain garnered 20 percent of the votes trailed by trot singers Tae Jin-a (8.7%) and Song Dae-gwan (6.8%), the boy band Super Junior, SG Wannabe (6.2%) and rocker Yoon Do-hyeon (6.0%).

For female singers, Lee Hyo-lee with 22 percent beat Boa at 12.6 percent. Jang Yoon-jeong (11.4%), Chae Yeon (10.0%) and Lee Soo-young (6.3%) followed.

Yoo Jae-seok was the most popular male comedian with an impressive 41 percent of the votes. Gang Ho-dong followed with 20 percent and Lee Kyung-kyu 11 percent. Others in the top ten were Jeong Jong-cheol, Sin Dong-yeop, Park Jun-hyeong, Kim Yong-man, Kim Je-dong, Seo Kyeong-seok and Park Soo-hong.

Ranking first among female comedians was Cho Hye-lyung at 24 percent, followed by Lee Kyoung-sil (19.6%), Jeong Seon-hee (17.7%), Kang Yoo-mi (14.2%), Kim Mi-hwa (12.9%), Park Kyeong-rim, Kim Mi-ryeo, Song Euni, Park Mi-seon and Kim Sin-young.

The most popular sportsman was soccer player Park Ji-sung with a whopping 45 percent. Overseas-based players were the next most popular. Slugger Lee Seung-yeop (25.7%), pitcher Park Chan-ho (14.3%) and soccer stars Lee Young-pyo (12.8%) and Seol Ki-hyeon (12.2%) followed.

Among female athletes, golfer Park Seri was number with close to 60 percent of the votes. Golfers Michelle Wie (32%) and Kim Mi-hyun (29%) were next. They were followed by Park Chan-sook (6.6%), Hyun Jung-hwa (5.6%), Janet Lee (3.5%) and Jang Jeong (2.9%).

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