Jacky’s All New Mandarin Album ‘By Your Side’ To Be Released Worldwide

After a long 4 years’ wait, Jacky’s new mandarin album ‘By Your Side’ will be released worldwide on 26 January. Following the release of his previous album ‘Where is He’ in 2002, Jacky is finally going to release an all new mandarin album, bringing warmth to the Chinese all over the world with his vocal prowess. Jacky’s new project is full of sincerity, in addition to his first time being album producer. Regarding the tough job of producing the album, Jacky gave a shocking remark, "I was being forced to be producer."

Jacky joked, saying, "Ever since my old partner, Michael Au, went to Beijing 2 years ago to expand his career, I was given the full responsibility for the album. The best thing about being able to produce the whole album is that I can have my own ideas & do the music that I want to do. But the most difficult are all the little details like budget & time constraints." ‘Right Beside You’ consists of 10 songs which were all composed by Jacky himself. Jacky said confidently, "This time round, I took care of all the details & music arrangements. Although there is the pressure of being the producer, but I managed to pick very different songs, & I even changed my style of singing slightly, it feels ‘very me’."

Besides Jacky being the producer for this album, the album production team is also full of surprises. Besides his old partners like Lin Xi & Xiao An, the principal track ‘Long Time No See’ was composed by Malaysian talent Yi Jie Qi. The tune is very heartwarming, it is just like Jacky is saying hello to all his fans. Regarding collaborations with his new partners, Jacky said, "To me, there is no difference between old or new partners. It is about the melody, about whether you feel anything when you listen to it. As for the lyrics, it is easier to work with Lin Xi because we have collaborated for so long & I can communicate my ideas easily to him. New partners will require more communication & amendments.

To announce Jacky’s return to his Taiwanese fans, Universal Music will be holding a ‘I want to be by Jacky’s side’ album cover guessing contest. Universal Music staff will be promoting 2 pictures, one for ‘Homely Bear Warms the Heart’ taken at a Taipei restaurant & one for ‘Warm Winter Passion’ taken in a rural place. As both pictures reflect the ‘natural’ & ‘up close & personal’ heartwarming feeling for the new album, it would be difficult to make a guess. The answer would be released on Universal Music’s official website (http://www.umusic.com.tw) from the 15th to 21st.3 lucky winners with the correct guess will get to invite someone close to attend Jacky’s new album press release meeting in Taiwan.

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