Jackie Chan to Attend a Photo Protest

Action star Jackie Chan has attended a televised rally in Hong Kong protesting against local media intrusion.
The event was sparked by one magazine’s publication of semi-nude photos of pop singer Gillian Chung that were secretly taken backstage without her consent.

Chan told reporters their publication sent out a wrong message to children, according to the Associated Press.

"They will go back to school and take pictures of girls’ underwear," he is quoted as saying.

The pictures, innocuous by western standards, show Chung, 25, adjusting a bra strap backstage during a concert in Genting Highlands, a mountain resort in Malaysia.


The photos were published on the front cover of Easy Finder, a weekly magazine well known for its use of hidden cameras and paparazzi photography.

"I hope people don’t buy such indecent magazines," a tearful Chung told reporters on Monday.

The singer, nicknamed Ah Kiu, is one half of the Cantonese pop duo Twins. Bandmate Charlene Choi took part in the protest alongside actors Andy Lau and Rosamund Kwan.

Media regulators have reportedly received more than 1,700 complaints about the pictures.

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