Jackie Chan ‘fed up’ with action roles: ‘I want to change’

Hong Kong action hero Jackie Chan has said he is "fed up" playing action roles and wants to imitate Robert De Niro by taking on more mature movie roles.

Launching his latest movie "Rob-B-Hood" at the Venice Film Festival, the Kung-Fu kicking hero told reporters Friday he wanted to take a break from the body-bashing roles he has played in more than 100 movies.

"I must say that I’ve been willing to change my roles for some time. I’ve been quite fed up with the roles I’ve been playing. I want to put myself to the test in future, interpreting different characters," said Chan.

"And then we all know that the life of an action hero is quite short. In future I would like people to consider me as not just a martial arts character but for other roles as well."

Chan, in his mid-50s, was taken to hospital during the shooting of "Rob-B-Hood" earlier this year, after a painful kick in the chest from a stuntman during a fight scene.

"Especially when I’m in Europe or America, children see me and say ‘Ohhh, Jackie Chan!’ and move," he said, crouching behind the microphones in an action pose. "Why nobody say, ‘Ohh, Robert De Niro?’. I want to change," he added with a laugh.

The Benny Chan-directed film is an action comedy about a group of three gangsters who kidnap a baby.

Jackie Chan plays Slipper, a compulsive gambler who decides to kidnap the baby of a rich tycoon with the idea of using the ransom to pay off debt collecters. He enlists his landlord (Michael Hui) and friend Octopus (Louis Koo) to help him.

Chan suggested Koo, who starred in Johnnie To’s "Throw Down", "Election" and "Election 2", could become his successor as lord of the action movies.

"I think Louis Koo is an excellent actor. He doesn’t know Kung-Fu, but he learns fast. He can become ‘Jackie Chan Two’."

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