Because of Joe Cheng (Xiao Zhong) has travel to Ma Zhu to film the military training story plot. Last time a rumor had spread out about Joe delaying his graduation is to avoid his military training. The 25 years old reaffirm that he is not afraid to carry out his military training. Zai Zai and Joe are the artists who are studying in the same college “Xing Wu Zhi Shu College” and he (Joe) unintentionally saying “The teachers were very curious as why Zai Zai don’t need to carry out his military training even though after Zai Zai had took time off from college?” There are people who suspect Zai Zai, who is already 26 years old, doesn’t need to carry out his military training is because maybe he has depression? But yesterday, Zai Zai’ s manager (Wong Yu Xuan) said the military training incident would be taken care of by the company. (We) don’t need to reveal as how (the company) will manage this incident. The mother, of his girlfriend Da S, said: “If it is his turn to go, he will go. If is not his turn, he could wait. Just let things be.”

Carrying out the military training incident
Because of filming the military training plot for Xiao Zhong arrived at Ma Zhu to become the military doctor. Repeating his second year in “Xing Wu Zhi Zhu” College, last summer (Xiao Zhong) had just received his recruitment letter for his military training. (He) has already applied for a deferral. Xiao Zhong, who has myopia, said that he has a normal physique so he can’t avoid from carrying out his military training. But he was curious all the same by asking: ”Why Zai Zai doesn’t need to carry out his military training. The teachers in college said that once (the student) quit or take time off from college, (the student) would sure receive the letter of recruitment for the military training. Unintentionally indicating the reason why Zai Zai doesn’t need to fulfill his military training might because of the “undisclosed illness”. Yesterday, being approached about the military training incident, Zai Zai’s manager “Wang Yi Xuan” impatiently reaffirms that “(we) don’t have to disclose anything to the public.”

Murmuring from teacher and student in college
Being very busy in the entertainment industry for nearly a year, not only does he accept the role in the idol series from the Tourism Department, he also paired up with Patty Hou in and traveling over to Japan numerous times to held fans meeting functions. Due to all these he can’t cope with his studies. Rumor has it that he has already apply for time off from college.

Yesterday the registration department refuses to give out any information about Zai Zai by stating that student’s information is private and confidential. But his college mate Joe said that teachers in college once asked: “Why Zai Zai still hasn’t received his recruitment letter after he has apply for time off from college?” Everyone is puzzling about the question and starts to suspect “Maybe Zai Zai doesn’t need to carry out his military training at all”, “feels like Zai Zai doesn’t need to worry the military training is because he actually has undisclosed illness”

Da S will marry if she’s pregnant
The public is puzzling about the reason why Zai Zai doesn’t need to carry out his military training. Some suspect he has “undisclosed illness”, some even says he might apply for transferring to another college. The newest reason will be suspecting his rapid weight loss is due to the recur of his depression. But his manager expressed that Zai Zai is doing fine in “Xing Wu” and doesn’t need to make any transference. As for the question about depression, she refuses to make any comment.

Actually it is very hard to use depression as the excuse to avoid the military training, because the rules for revocation are very strict. Normally hardly any of these (depression) patients are able to get their revocation. But Zai Zai has been studying in this college for 5 years now, rarely (we) get this kind of scenario. What if once Zai Zai carries out his military training and Da S happens to be “expecting”? Xu Ma Ma said: “Once she is expecting, then she will get marry. My daughter and I do not have that kind of craving nor do we detest it.”

People not only well aware of his (Joe) military training incident, they are also questioning about his sexuality preference. He loudly reaffirmed again by saying “I love female.” He’s already immune to the questions of his sexuality preference. He explained: “I am an artist who doesn’t have much to be written about. The media wants to write about my sexuality preference, well at least I still have the value to be written by the media.”

Ariel Lin and him have been working together for 2 years, sharing numerous kisses. This time, when they traveled to Ma Zhu, (they) had just added 2 additional kissing scenes. Why it didn’t flare up any real life feelings (between them)? He said that, while filming (ISWAK2) he did have feelings toward Ariel Lin. But that is due to the involvement of the scenes and once the filming is completed, the feelings will also be dissolved.

Male idols have a never-ending college life

Zhou Yu Min
Age 26 (1981/06/09)
Studies in Xing Wu Zhi Shu College, major in Business, second year (has been studying for 5 years). Plus the previous Zhong Guo Zhi Shu College (now is the Zhong Guo Ke Zhi University) night class. Has been studying for a total of 7 years.

Zheng Yuan Chang
Age 25 (1982/06/19)
Studies in Xing Wu Zhi Shu College, major in Tourism, second year (has been studying for 3 years).

He Jun Xiang
Age 23 (1983/12/28)
Studies in Xing Wu Zhi Shu College, major in Tourism, second year (has been studying for 3 years).

Ruan Jin Tian
Age 24 (1982/11/08)
Studies in Xing Wu Zhi Shu College, major in Tourism, second year (has been studying for 3 years).

Wang Zhi Wei
Age 26 (1981/04/10)
Studies in Dong Nan Zhi Shu College, (now is Dong Nan Ke Zhi University) major in Business management.

Dou Zhi Kong
Age 28 (1979/09/28)
Studies in Jing Wen Zhi Shu College (now is Jing Wen Ke Zhi University), major in English. Had been studying for ten years now and still hasn’t graduate.

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