Isabel Oli declines movie offer from GMA Films

Isabel Oli declined a movie offer from GMA Films for two reasons: First, she felt it wasn’t the right project for her, and second, she’s leaving for Singapore to visit her family. She’ll be away for two months.

"Every April I take my vacation. I usually go to Singapore to be with my parents who’re based there for many years now. Besides, I’ve been getting sick lately and I need to rest. That’s why im on vacation. When I come back in June, back to work again," said Isabel, who is Maria Olivia Daytia in real life. Before going to Singapore, Isabel is also scheduled to go to Japan for a pictorial with an international agency.

Isabel has gone a long way ever since she was discovered by ABS-CBN via her Max’s Fried Chicken commercial with Piolo Pascual. She was "Isabel" in that commercial and because she became known for that, she added "Oli" (from her second name Olivia) to Isabel, and she had a screen name!

Isabel stayed with the network for six months, and after that she moved over to GMA 7 where she is under contract to this day. As GMA artist, she first appeared in the teleserye "Sugo" (which ran for 11 months) with Richard Gutierrez. "Sugo" was followed by "Atlantika" which lasted for six months.

Isabel also appeared in the GMA Films’ highly successful movie "Moments of Love" and in the network’s other TV shows like "I Love New York" and "Love to Love."As a commercial model, Isabel recently renewed her contract as image model of Flywear Shades. Now on her second year as endorser, Isabel will promote Flywear as a travel must-have this summer. Isabel is elegant in her simplicity but she oozes with sophistication in her shades. Would you believe she has more than 50 shades? Mostly Flywear of course, of different shapes and colors.

In her frequent travels (to Singapore and Cebu where she lived and finished Information Technology at the University of San Jose Recolletos), Isabel’s must-haves include her Bible, cell phone, lip gloss, sun block, perfume and, most importantly, her Flywear shades. For Isabel, Fly is both eye protection and a fashion accessory. She said it protects her eyes against the sun’s harmful rays, blocking the UV rays which cause eye damage. Being a commercial model and actress, Isabel knows the importance of an eye wear that she can rely on.

Flywear is also a fashion staple that Isabel carries around. It’s an accessory that gives her chic and lean wherever she goes. And why not? Fly has all the reasons to make fashion-loving gal travel and fly in style. The unique frame designs, the variety of styles, the hot colors and the unique details…all these make one look fashionably hot this summer. So whether flying to a major vacation destination, sashaying in shopping malls, or simply basking under the sun, Flywear is undeniably the look of the season, Isabel said.

About her lovelife, Isabel said it’s okay. She and Paolo Contis (her boyfriend for more than a year now) are still a romantic item and she said he’s okay with her family, especially her mom. She has brought Paolo with her one time to Singapore. But not this time because Paolo has an important thing to do this summer.

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