Is Tomato good for health?

I am myself, a tomato food lover. I have since been addicted to it when I went to Korea where they sells tomato juice widely in their store. It tasted too good that I fell in love with it after taking it the very first time. Since then, I frequently bought those fresh tomatoes from market or concentrated juice from supermarket for consumption. However, being a lover myself, I have never know that tomatoes provide lots of key benefits to our human health.

One of the key important nutrient in Tomato that serves adds on healthier life is its’ lycopene which is an anti-oxidant component that slows down the aging process. This I believe is the most important factor in which most girls should look at. Tomatoes have high content of lycopene which is also vital in fighting against cancerous cells.

It is also claimed to be a blood purifier and helps in dissolving gallstones. In fact, it also helps in improving cholesterol profiles.

Nutritive Values of Tomato : Per 100 gm.
Vitamin A : 1,000 I.U.
Vitamin B : Thiamine .06 mg.;
Vitamin C : 23 mg.
Vitamin K : amount uncertain
Calcium : 11 mg.
Iron : .6 mg.
Phosphorus : 27 mg.
Potassium : 360 mg.
Protein : 1.0 gm.
Calories : 20

There are even many articles have been posted and can be easily reachable through the net. One of the well known online encyclopedia, Wikipedia even have a dedicated article solely on the tomato itself. It is indeed a good food to consume anytime at an affordable price (you can even plant it yourself and sell it~!)

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