IS Cactus juice good for health?

One fine day while I was having my dinner, one friend of mine approach me from the back. I got shocked but lucky there wasn’t any food in my mouth. We had some chit chat over her elderly mother who are suffering from aged syndromes.

While we were talking half way, then cactus juice came into picture. Apparently she was saying, the juice inside the cactus could heal the stomach wind and even helps in easing the knee joint pain. I wasn’t quite of the workability but then once after I have left the place and reached home, I started to do some research on the cactus juice.

It shows that there are quite a number of articles that posted the benefits of Napol cactus juice. Some health benefits that it produce:

1. unique antioxidants
2. Inflammation fighting capabilities
3. Lowering Bad Cholesterol
4. Decrease of Blood Sugar Values

However, those claimed on the beneficial that the cactus juice can produce are not presented with proven FDA research. I would not suggest anyone to consume should you are aware of the health complication it may pose. Do seek for more information from the medical practitioners to know if the product is really suitable for you. I might go to the local pharmacy and ask for further information of the cactus juice with no brand in particular to avoid those marketing gimmicks.

Do share your view or comments if you happened to experience/heard of one..

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