iPhone 4 calls not ending and hang

It just happened today which is pretty weird since there wasn’t anything done towards the iPhone (no new software installation or unusual site surfing, hence, virus or malware attacks should be near to impossible though I never heard of virus attacks on IOS platform). I was thinking to delay the fix but since I’m expecting incoming calls and having the phones without the ability to call is theoretically defeat the purpose of having the phone!

So made a quick search on google and found out i’m not the lucky ones who faces such issue. It’s apparently quite a common issue on IOS 4.3.3 version. Not knowing what’s the version my iPhone is running, looking through the steps shouldn’t cause any harm on the phone so I thought why not giving it a try. Below are the steps:

Go to Settings » General » Network and turn OFF 3G. Keep Cellular Data and Data Roaming option ON. Turn OFF your iPhone by using the Power button on the top.

After changing my phone setting, immediately there’s a new incoming sms! I could sense the problem is resolved. Then proceeded to make some calls and it’s succeed! Things are back to working state but I am wondering if this could increase my data usage. Probably this could be verified later.

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