Have you heard of MedKlinn? I have bought one myself at one of the pharmacy. It was the mobile version to be used automotive indoors. There was slight buzzing sound an some smell generated by the device which was written as norm in the manuals. The smell somehow was relate to the negative ions smell. Cool huh?

For the first few minutes, I was still able to get use to the smell but after for like half an hour time, I started to think if it would have any effect smelling it excessively.

The I searched around Google, found out the wikipedia doesn’t state any negative remarks on it just yet, unlike the ear candling therapy where there were critism posted against the practice. However, there are articles(linked from wikipedia) that shows negative remarks on the ionizers. I am starting to think if it is working or it is only a myth.

But since I’ve bought it, I will still use it for the time being to observe and monitor the difference shown.

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