Interview with Miss Hong Kong’s 2007

Miss Hong Kong’s 2007 winners Ka Yi Cheung, Grace Wong (right) and Loretta Chow accepted an interview for Metro Radio to promote this years Miss Hong Kong 2008 pageant event. Grace Wong accidentally exposed that TVB was to save money on travelling costs. “We were very lucky to have transport arranged for us by TVB but the new contestants will need to make their own arrangement’s for travel. “

She also persuaded her friend who is a model to compete this year. Her friend has a lot of very sexy photos posted over the net and Grace has asked her to remove them incase they cause a lot of gossip in the future. The Miss Hong Kong’s will have to give up their title and that time is nearing. They have all been learning new skills for personal development. Ka Yi has been learning to dance Cha Cha while Grace and Loretta have been learning to improve their Chinese. They hope that they will have a chance to act in a TVB series in the future.

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