Internet user reveals: Saw Zai Zai grieve over Xu Wei LUn

Since Xu Wei Lun passed away in a car accident, her ex-boyfriend Zai Zai has cut his hair and also lost 7kg due to his emotions being affected greatly. Now, a internet user has revealed that when he went to Fu Tian Miao Yuan(a cemetery or some place like that where you keep the ashes of the dead i believe) to pay respect to his grandfather, he saw Zai Zai very depressingly appearing at Xu Wei Lun’s funeral hall more than once.

This internet user declared on PTT’s official forum that his grandfather’s “room” and Xu Wei Lun’s “room” is coincidentally on the same level. For the past two days, when he and his uncle went to pay respect to him, they happened to bump into Zai Zai and his friend. For the whole time, Zai Zai kept looking at Xu Wei Lun’s memorial tablet sadly and silently. The aunt of this user say say that she often see Zai Zai coming, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by friends. Regarding this “reveal”, Zai Zai’s manager replied that Zai Zai said he never went there before.

Zai Zai’s personality is very silent and sensitive. When Xu Wei Lun passed away, Zai Zai once sent flowers to pay respect but never appeared in person. During that time, there were rumors of people seeing Zai Zai’s car hanging around the cemetery area. Now that another internet user has caught him going there to pay respect and grieve over the loss of Xu Wei Lun, it can be seen how much Zai Zai values his relationship with others.

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