In Luo Zhi Xiang’s new movie, he will play ruthless Partnering him Lin Hsilei,

In Luo Zhi Xiang’s new movie he will play ruthless Partnering him Lin Hsilei will play dirty

Before his good friend Jay Chou could show off on his own(this sentence not very sure though), Luo Zhi Xiang will be acting as the lead role in May for the the Hong Kong America Asia company ‘s corporate investment movie "the button person". Presently, the leading female lead would be Lin Hsilei, and if this beauty nods in agreement, Luo Zhi Xiang will have an exciting acting with sexy beauty Lin Hsilei in the movie. The day before, the director of this film, Qian Ren Hao insisted on not to reveal the specific details of the movie, and he only revealed that Luo Zhi Xiang would be acting as a specialist which clears the corpse for the mafia , and his style in the movie would be dispirited and the role have a lot of chance for him to show off his acting skills.

Many years ago, before Luo Zhi Xiang became an artiste, the director once saw Luo Zhi Xiang frustrating when he’s stressed, and just then, he recognized that behind the fact that Luo Zhi Xiang’s a comedian, he’s exert stamina(not very sure) would be very shocking, and because of this, when “Button person” decided to be filmed, the first person to be the male lead which came up to his mind was Luo Zhi Xiang. “Button person” producer Chen Zhi Wei was also very satisfied with Luo Zhi Xiang, and hoped that he could rush to the reporter’s meeting of announcement of start of the acting of movie before he goes to the concert on 24th in Sydney no matter what. Luo Zhi Xiang’s manager, said that they are trying very hard to change the flight so that they could attend the reporter’s meeting.

“Button person” is one of America-asian corporate investment in Taiwan’s movies, too, one of the earliest to be prepared and filmed, while others incude Cheng Sheng Hou, Shu Zhao Bing’s new films. “Button person” describes how a bunch of apprentices who helps the mafia to destroy the corpses , called “Mafia’s cleaner”, use cruel ways to treat their enemies. It’s a classical mafia violence movie, and it will be expected to be flimed firstly in Taiwan in May. Luo Zhi Xiang always had the impression on others that he’s humorous and the movie he acted before 6 years ago, “Munch the apple one time”, had matched the impression. This time he’s image of being cruel, dispirited in the new movie made people anticipate.

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