IFPI highest album sales 2006 award ceremony,

The IFPI Hong Kong sales award 2006 was held tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. The sales awards were already publicly announced and of them, two of the highest HK sales (male and female) were won by Hacken Lee and Joey Yung. Of the top ten artists, apart from Hacken and Joey there was also Leo Koo, Denise Ho, Grasshoppers, Justin Lo, Kelly Chan, Fiona Sit and Eason Chan. For the highest Cantonese albums sales, Eason’s "Get a Life" won. The other in top ten included, Leo’s "Human", Hacken’s "Live in Concert 2006", Hacken’s "Concert Hall", Hacken’s "Concert Hall 2", Joey’s "Reflection of Joey Life 2005", Joey’s "One Life One Love Concert", Grasshopper’s "Our Grasshopper 2005 Live Concert", Justin’s "One Good Show", Eason’s "Get a Life" and Sammi’s "Ultimate Collection". Of the top ten highest selling Cantonese albums, Hacken has a total of 3 albums, definately living up to his name of "album sales king". He is sale’s best guarantee. Last night, there was also the high selling Mandarin albums being awarded. The highest selling was Jay’s "Still Fantasy". Japan’s famous Hideki Saijo was the night’s guest performer and award presenter. He performed splendidly and also let the ceremony reach a high.

Guests also included the Legislative Councillor, Timothy Fok and international pianist, Li Yundi. Other singers present were George Lam, Teresa Carpio, Fen Nei, Alec Su, etc. Japan’s big star Hideki Saijo was also invited and received two awards: Japan’s popular music cultural exchange contribution award and Japan’s popular music cultural exchange award. During the ceremony, Hacken was the biggest winner with 5 awards: 3 Cantonese high selling awards, a HK high selling award, and a highest selling male singer award. Hacken was surprised by the nights results. He laughed "Tonight was really a bumper crop!"

As for the girls, Joey took the lead with 4 awards: 2 Cantonese high selling awards, a HK high selling award, and a highest selling female singer award. Joey was satisfied with her results for the year but said that she will continuing working so that each year will be better than the last. Joey also praised the Music Fair exhibition for giving the music world a new chance at revival. Unlike a few years ago, fans are no longer chasing after idol singers, Joey is pleased to see that in these few years, the music world is being filled with more singers with talent. Twins didn’t go home empty handed either. Of the ten high selling Mandarin albums, Twin’s "" was the only HK album. When Twins were backstage to accept an interview, something happened that alarmed the entire backstage. While Gillian was answering questions, Ah Sa suddenly slid off her chair sacring Gillian and causing her to scream. Ah Sa was close to crying and the entire scene was awkward.

Japan star Hideki Saijo is close to 60 but still charismatic. By raising a hand or taking a step, he fulfils his great star status. Hideki Saijo also noticed that Hong Kong’s music world has had an increase in talent in new singers. They have definately improved since the last time he saw them. He also praised Eason and when Eason heard he was so happy he couldn’t speak. He would have never thought that a senior would praise him so. The hopefuls Vincy and Hins were the winning newcomers. The two newcomers may save Hong Kong’s music industry. Their beautiful voices and musical talent has already moved many of Hong Kong’s hearts. Watching them on stage singing "wind blows a while" in Chinese and Japanese, the audience were captived completely. They definately earned their award. Alec has had a change of image, deciding to present with a mature look. He said "I’m no longer that young, I have to dress a little more maturely."

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