Hyun Young Swaps TV Studio for Courtroom

TV personality Hyun Young stood trial on Friday for breaking her contract with a cosmetics company. The firm, France Laure, sued the TV star and her agent for loss of earnings saying Hyun broke a promise to act as a promotional model after signing a contract and receiving an initial payment. It is seeking W350 million (US$1=W948) in damages.

Hyun attended court dressed demurely in a black suit. Accused of missing a promotional event, she argued her agent and manager arranged her schedule and she was late for another event.

The actress said she was unable to resolve the dispute by simply accepting shoots for France Laure now since she changed her agent, and the decision was therefore not hers to make. However, she expressed willingness to settle the dispute.

Judges seemed tickled to have a star in their courtroom. The presiding judge said the two sides would settle the dispute without making it more serious and expressed hope of getting an autograph

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