Hyun Bin & Kim Tae Hee will appear in the conquest of Mainland China.

The two signed a one year exclusive model contract with LG Electronics Cyon that was released to the public in China recently. The print advertisement was shot on the 5th of this month and the CF is scheduled to be filmed next. The China market is to be captured completely.

The models for the Cyon CF released to the public domestically are Kim Tae Hee and Kang Dong Won. Though this year Hyeon Bin was excluded as a Cyon model domestically, the parties concerned explained that he had obtained a hot reaction in China, thus he accomplished the contract this time.

With this, the model selection of HYEON BIN came by chance as he is due to have a large-scale promotion in China in April.

An official said on the sixth, "Hyeon Bin will be active as the model of Cyon only in China. Hyeon Bin’s popularity in China is higher than we had thought."

Successively, the official clarified, saying that, "After MBC drama ‘MY NAME IS KIM SAM-SOON’ ended broadcasting, he followed it up with KBS 2TV drama ‘The Snow Queen’ and a lot of China fans are secured."

On the other hand, HYEON BIN improved the favorable impressions of fans by his frankness in confessing his association with newcomer talent Hwang Ji Hyeon recently in a dignified manner.

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