Hyun Bin, calluses on hand from boxing training for “Snow Queen”,

Hyun Bin’s professionalism for acting in a drama is gathering attention.

Hyun Bin is playing Tae Woong who is a rising boxer that becomes a third class sparring partner at a local gym and falls in love with a prominent family’s daughter in the drama ‘Noon eui Yeo Wang (The Snow Queen)’ (script by Kim Eun Hee, Yoon Eun Gyeong, produced by Lee Hyeong Min, Yoons Color Production) that is scheduled to air this coming November on KBS 2TV.

In order to accurately portray his character, Hyun Bin has been training in boxing to the point where the calluses on his hands have been affecting the actual filming of the series.

On the 22nd, the first day of filming on the set at a college campus in Cheonan of the South Choong Cheong Province, the crew had to stop the filming due to the calluses on his hands.

The scene was the first meeting of Hyun Bin and Lee Seon Ho at the Yeong Jae High School entrance ceremony. However, the hand portrayed on camera had too many calluses for a high school student and special make-up was needed.

Meanwhile, the main cast, Seong Yoo Ri, Lim Joo Hwan, Kim Hak Jin, Kim Tae Hyeon, and others, attended the traditional ceremony Gosa yearning for a safe drama shoot despite not being called to set that day showing off their teamwork.

Yoons Color, the production company of ‘Noon eui Yeo Wang (The Snow Queen),’ opened a teaser website (www.thesnowqueen.co.kr) with still photos of Hyun Bin on location in New Zealand along with the original fairy tale.

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