Hyolee: “Ock Juhyun has a better figure”

Sexy Icon Lee hyori comment that Ock Juhyun has a better figure compared to hers.

After a year, Hyolee attended MNET’s School of music and was interviewed on her views on her figure. Her sense of fashion has been a trend ever since she modelled, however she does not have much compliment on herself.

Hyolee said: "No matter how hard i try, I don’t seem to achieve Ock Juhyun’s long and beautiful legs. She has got beautiful and slim legs since she was in Finkl back in 1998, just that her upperbody is a little chubby. After learning yoga, her upperbody became more appealing. But for me, I just could not get those legs regardless of how much i exercise."

The MC asked: "So, who is the regular runner in FINKL?"
Without any thoughts; Hyolee said: "Of course, It’s me"

The MC then asked a more serious question: "So.. how about your boyfriend?"
Hyolee said: "There’s something more important than looks to me, my boyfriend have to be a gentleman"

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