Hyolee Brings High Ratings to SBS’s “Hey Hey Hey”

Hyolee’s appearance has certainly showed her status in Korea. Hyolee appeared on SBS’s variety show "Hey Hey Hey", bringing the ratings up to 19.6% internationally; while it hits 20.7% locally. It broke the 20% rate. This is the highest rating since "Hey Hey Hey"’s 1st episode last year on Nov 9th. On average, "Hey Hey Hey"’s viewing rate was 14-15%.

Another variety show playing at KBS 2TV <Happy Together Friends> received a rating of 15.2%, not a bad rating, but still lost out to Hyolee.

Hyolee is the special guest in <Hey Hey Hey> on Feb. 15th, taking on a special role of being an ugly duckling as well as a beautiful swan. Also, a tour to Hyolee’s new apartment is part of the limelight in the show, thus bringing in the interest of the audiences.

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