Hu Xue Yan & Lady Chef

Next month 18th November, Bobby Au will be heading to USA to attend television industry highest esteemed event; the [35th International Emmy Awards] for the nomination of Best Actor. Bobby smiled and said even though Chow Yun-Fatt has advised him to take it easy, he is still feeling nervous.

Bobby, Charmaine Sheh, Joyce Tang and Wayne Lai Lai filmed TVB sales presentation clip “Hu Xue Yan & Lady Chef”《胡雪岩与厨娘》at Lai Chee Kwok Garden yesterday, attracting a crowd. A group of Philippine maids even took out their camera handphones and start snapping pictures of Bobby. At this, Bobby joked that since he was nominated for International Emmy, his fans have also turned ‘international’. The atmosphere became hilarious.

As for Charmaine whose relationship was closest to Bobby, even though she failed to enter the Top 5 finalist for International Emmy Best Actress category, she did not feel disappointed. “Actually, I’m happy enough to be nominated, it’s already a great honour. There’s plenty of opportunity in the future; I will fully support Bobby. Hope he can help achieve glory on my behalf as well!” However, for the hot topic of TVB anniversary Best Actor award, Charmaine have confidence in Moses Chan. “Duk Duk Dei is a very likable character, it’s so hard to choose between the two of them. It will be great if Moses Chan won TVB Best Actor, while Bobby receives International Emmy award!”

Bobby disclosed that he will attend the award presentation ceremony on November 18th, bringing his wife along as well. Bobby smiled: “A lot of friends called to support me, Fatt Gor (Chow Yun-Fatt) even told me to take it easy, don’t be nervous. He said that being the 1st person to be nominated and compete for the award is already a great honour for HK, winning is just icing on the cake. He told me to sleep well. (So you will be taking it easy?) Hehe, I am a little nervous, because I’ve never walked the red carpet before! And it’s US top 3 award ceremony!” In regard of Charmaine not being able to join him in the finals, Bobby said that if he have the opportunity to receive award onstage, he will thank Charmaine in his speech to make up for it.

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