Hu Jingtao shakes hand with Andy Lau

The four heavenly kings Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai gathered to perform in the gala to celebrate Hong Kong handover to Mainland China 10th anniversary. After singing a song each, they duet a song ‘Si Zhong You Lei’ which bring the atmosphere of the gala to new heights.

As usual, whenever the four heavenly kings performed together, there will be comparisons, Jacky won with his singing ability, but Chinese president Hu Jingtao went onto the stage to shake hands with the singers during the closing stage of the gala shows that Andy grabbed the most attention from Hu. Although many netizens discussed about Andy shaking hands and chit chatting with Hu for a total of 8 seconds, but under the paper strict observation, the hand shaking and chit chatting actually last for 10 seconds which is the longest among all artistes, it can be seen of the status of Andy.

When asked of the content of his conversation with Hu, Andy said: “The Chinese President is very happy to hear me sing Chinese, he asked me to sing for the country more often. Of course I’m delighted that he love to listen to my song, I immediately told him that I will, most importantly depended on the time and chance.” When asked if he feel that Hu adores him more? Andy exclaimed: “This is what all of you had guessed, I think the president is equal to everyone, he’s sure to like all singers, it just happens that the camera was on me, I also see him chatting with the other singers.”

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