Hu Ge’s unconscious after Accident, female collegue dies

Its Injury to the head, and he is still unconscious!

Yesterday, as he was on the way to Shanghai from Heng Dian, the three people in the car, Hu Ge, his assistant (the driver) and another collegue was on a car which crashed headlong onto another. Sitting in the front was the driver, behind was Hu Ge and that collegue. After the accident, all three were sent to the nearest hospital for emergancy treatment, thank goodness Hu Ge’s condition isn’t life threatening, but the injury to his head has required 6 stitches, his hand has been injured, and chest area as well due to impact. But after extensive diagnosis, he isn’t suffering from any Internal Damage, he has gone under anesthetics and has remained in an unconscious state, he has woken up a few times, asked "How are the others" and then slipping back into an unconscious state.

Hu Ge’s assistant escaped with minor injuries, but the other collegue had extensive injury and even after emergancy treatment sadly lost his life. Because Hu Ge is suffering from a head injury, his company is scared that he will not be able to accept the reality of the situation in this situation, and has thus refrained fromt elling him the truth but kept reassuring him that the both of them are fine.

After the accident, Hu Ge’s family has been informed and has already arrived at the hospital, the hospital has said that Hu Ge should be released after 1 week, after inspection. Because of his condition at the moment, he is unable to be transferred to the best intensive care Hospital in Shanghai just yet.
The hospital has told the company that the work he is under hsould be stopped, It also include the filming of LOCH and shows he was to be on. A few days ago, Hu Ge just returned from Mongolia to Heng Dian for the filming of LOCH to be completed. Because Hu Ge is one of the biggest stars in the upcoming LOCH, to avoid others being delayed the crew has offered to film the other scenes to avoid the delay which Hu Ge would have preferred. His company as apologised on his behalf to the Entertainment shows for the delay and non appearances.

Lastly, Hu Ge’s company has reassured all Hu Ge fans that "Don’t worry everyone, Hu Ge not suffering from life threatening conditions, the company will help him to recover as early as possible and will soon be seeing you all again."

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