Hu Ge’s Fridge and Ariel’s Cute Room in LOCH Set!,

Hu Ge and Ariel are currently in Heng Dian filming “Legend of the Condor Heros”. In this series, they are acting as a couple (hubby and wifey =D) and because of the huge demand and pressure, apart from filming, they decided to make their own rooms every kawaii. Ariel smiled and said that those sort of rooms will make everyone who walk in feel relaxed and happy.

In Ariel’s room, there is a scale (for weighing), everytime after they film, she will come in and weigh herself. The crew are always very caring, besides boiling vegetables for her everyday, they will always carve carrots into cute shapes such has a heart shape, flower shape or knives etc, they will try and make all the dishes have something to do with the Wu Xia style, thus when she eats it, it will make her happy.

When Ariel went to China, she took lots of lovely [Treasures] with her, when she arrived at the set, she made her room extremely cute. In there contains a [Yi Chen Hua Yuan (Ariel’s Gardens)] pillow, a small pig, on the door she even had ‘Bao bao de fang jian (Baby’s Room)’ as a name tag. On her makeup table, there are two pictures of her when she was young making silly faces, she said that sometimes she even plays the song [Eye Bag Beans] to make her happy (hei yan dou dou). Other than the cute stuff in her room, ariel’s room also has a snack ariel, a treasure chest. She laughed and said that on the treasure chest there are lots of chips and milk powder, behind it hides her camera and even some chocolate!”

In ariel’s rom, there are lots of stuff to eat, but in Hu Ge’s, it is very differend. His one looks very cute with a Ou te man (superman ish thing) electric fan, but besides that is also bar bells, tiao dan(those very china things dat you can kick with your feet, think to Huan Zhu ge ge 1, when xiao yan zi was playing with and it flew onto the roof). It also contained a badminton set and other gym equipment. The virgo Hu Ge had all his ‘makeup’, clothes and shoes neatly placed in otder, because the filming is quite tough, hu ge said that “all the food is in the fridge!’ =D

In LOCH, Huang Rong is a very important character, thus, to ariel, it was a challenge, which meant that Ariel went and bought lots of books that talked about Jin Yong’s character before going to film. She has always recently read “Huang Rong’s Character: In depth”. Yet, Hu Ge wanted to make Guo Jin to be a very simple very heroic, thus it meant it relied heavily on his acting, he said that “i will be doing my best to get into the thoughts of Guo Jin”. Today, the crew will be going to Mongolia for the sceneary shots.

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