How to increase low blood pressure

I was having my blood pressure(bp) checked and found out it was at the border stage. Being above-averaged weight I am, the reading was something I expected. As usual, my doctor would advise me to go for daily exercise and reduce high-cholestrol food intake (especially oily and fattening food).

Then while I was on the way back home, I was thinking, for people like me, cutting down cholestrol and have a regular exercise would reduce the bp. How about for those who have low bp reading? Avoid exercise and increase more intake of fattening food in hope to gain more weight? That must be ridiculous right?

Well, later only I managed to find out, a person with a low blood pressure will can opt for some natural ways to increase:

1. Increase salt intake
2. Wear compression stocking (as People that suffer from low blood pressure may also suffer from blood pooling in the lower extremities thus wearing compressed stocking could help in blood circulation)
3. Drink more water
4. Eat small meals instead of heavy diet at one go.
5. Add some amount of caffeine intake (coffee or tea) as those will increase bp.

Are you suffering from low/high blood pressure? What are you practice to improve it?

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