How the Location of Your Kitchen Affects Your Health

The kitchen is a source of nourishment for you and your family. Because of the close connection between health and finances – financial stress may contribute to or aggravate health problems, and poor health can seriously harm your financial wellbeing – the kitchen is associated in feng shui with both money and health issues.

Kitchen in the Center of the Home
The center of the home – the “tai chi” – is like the hub of a wheel. No matter how strong the outer sections are, if the center is weak the wheel will not hold together. The tai chi location in feng shui is strongly associated with health; whatever is going on in the center of the home is said to affect all of the other areas as well. The kitchen is a very yang space, with lots of fire energy from the stove and electrical appliances. It’s often the center of family activity as well. When all of this energy is concentrated in the center of the home, the affect can be over-stimulating. In terms of physical health, this is most likely to affect the stomach and digestive system and/or the heart (especially high blood pressure). To calm the energy of a central kitchen, emphasize the earth element. Yellow is an especially good color to use here, as are beige and other earthy shades. Stone and ceramic materials and accessories will be helpful as well. If possible, place a large mirror on a kitchen wall where it will reflect the stove away from the center.

Kitchen at the Front Door
If you enter your home through the kitchen, food and eating will often be on your mind. This is especially true if the stove or refrigerator is the first thing that you see. You may find that you gain weight too easily and that losing any excess pounds is harder for you than it should be. If the only thing harmed by this is your vanity, it may not be a serious, but if you or any family members are struggling with weight-related health issues it’s a good idea to use a different entry if you can. Although the front door always has prominence in feng shui, you may be affected in a similar way if you frequently go in and out of your house through a back or garage door that opens directly into the kitchen. If that’s the case, take the extra steps to walk around to the front door, and go into and out of the house that way. You may find it a little easier to resist those extra snacks that put on the pounds, and who knows

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