How much weight is considered healthy?

I am 17 and I was bulimic for about four or five months and went from five-foot-six-and-a-half inches at 115 pounds to 95 pounds. I have not told anyone, and will not, so please don’t ask me to, but I am back up to 110 – 112 pounds and pretty much graze throughout the day so I don’t throw up. I mostly snack on white bread, fruit, potatoes, and cereal in large portions, but want to stop and eat a healthy, more balanced diet. The problem is, I am not sure what a healthy weight should be. Charts say I am too skinny, but I don’t believe it because I know girls in the media are thinner than me and they seem fine. I want to be as small a weight as possible without being unhealthy. I skipped my period Oct. – Dec., but did get it in January. I have not lost any weight since then though, and I should have gotten my period about a week ago but didn’t. I don’t understand, it is so confusing, can you help me?


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