How Katrina Halili flatters herself

Myriad billboards line Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares and one that stands out among them is young actress Katrina Halili’s for apparel brand Hang Ten.

There, Katrina is seen donning Hang Ten’s ladies’ line, a line that has her fashionable and casual off-screen style down pat. For despite her sultry onscreen persona, the talented actress loves fuss-free fashion.

“Katrina Halili is the perfect Hang Ten girl. She embodies the sense of style that her generation favors stylish, yet comfortable,” says the management of Hang Ten Philippines in a statement.

Katrina, meanwhile, reveals that she has always worn Hang Ten even before her stint in the reality search “Starstruck” began.

“Even when I was still in high school, I appreciated how Hang Ten complimented my body,” she says.

Petite, yet curvaceous, Katrina says it used to be hard for her to find the perfect tee and top to complement her body.

“So I loved it when I discovered Hang Ten. I really like how its clothes fit my body,” she says.

Katrina is particularly fond of Hang Ten’s ladies pants that she says seems to have been designed to show off her legs. “Like most people, I go around in jeans and sometimes, it can be a hassle finding good jeans that still make you feel like a girl.

“Finding a brand like Hang Ten that understands my body was a relief,” she confides. “Once you find a great pair of jeans, you can wear them with high heels and you’re ready for anything.”

As for tops, Katrina admits that form flattering tees are her favorite casual clothing. “I always seem to be on the go these days so I prefer my clothes to be comfortable but still feminine,” she says.

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