How Clutter Affects Your Finances

The word “clutter” comes from an Old English word, “clott,” which means, “to cause to become blocked or obscured.” Like a blood clot that blocks circulation in a vein, clutter of any kind is an energy block that prevents chi — vital energy — from circulating through your home and life.

According to the ba gua (the feng shui energy map), the rear left corner of any space is associated with wealth and “fortunate blessings.” (For those who follow the compass-oriented methods of feng shui, this area is the SE sector.) When this part of your home or office is cluttered, the energy there will be stagnant and lacking in vitality; as a result, your financial situation may feel stuck or hopeless as well. If financial wellbeing is a priority for you, you’ll want to make sure that these areas are clean, tidy, and clear of clutter.

As important as the ba gua is in feng shui, however, you should not confine your financial clutter-clearing to just the wealth areas of your space. Here are some other specific ways in which clutter may be affecting your financial life:

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