Hong Kong star files lawsuit over near-nude magazine shots

A Hong Kong pop star who was secretly photographed semi-naked for a front-cover magazine feature is to sue the publication, legal and record company officials said.

The pictures, apparently shot with a hidden camera, show "Twins" star Gillian Chung adjusting her bra while changing costumes backstage during a concert in Malaysia.

In a writ filed with the High Court, Chung is demanding damages for the pictures and has demanded Easy Finder magazine hand over all existing copies, a spokeswoman for the judiciary said.

"We have sent legal letters to the publishing company," Ng Yu, chief executive of Emperor Entertainment Group, Twins’ management company, told reporters.

"We want them to take out all the (offending) materials," Ng added.

The unflattering grainy photographs show Chung naked except for a flesh-coloured bra.

No intimate part of her body is shown and the pictures are framed by what appears to be the edge of a peep hole through which the shots were taken.

Although the photos have caused a furore, prompting more than 2,000 complaints to the city’s media watchdog, all copies of the magazine — about 90,000 — sold out so quickly that the publisher, Next Media, ordered a second run, which also sold out.

Some copies were reportedly being sold on the Internet for 50 Hong Kong dollars (6.4 US dollars), more than double their cover price.

Fellow stars have clamoured to condemn the photos, and more than 100 local celebrities, including action star Jackie Chan, are expected to issue a protest on air later Monday afternoon. Chung will also take part in the broadcast.

The singer filed a complaint on Saturday with the police, who said they would approach Interpol and work with the Malaysian authorities to track down those who took the shots.

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