HK Metro Station Awards ~ Ella Shows Off Manly Outfit ~ Jolin & Show Bags 3 Big Awards

Jolin Tsai, Show Luo and SHE’s Ella attended on the 26th the Hong Kong Metro Station Awards Ceremony, lately changing more lady like; Ella found out she’ll be with Eason Chan going down the red carpet, decided to wear men’s attire, she said: “it’s because lately Eason and Andy Lau did a duet called [Brothers], so decided to wear men’s attire!”

Hebe is filming “Bull Fighting”, and Selina is filming “KangXi Lai Le” so they couldn’t go to Hong Kong, so Ella had to go on her own to the awards. Originally decided to wear a suit to be a handsome guy, but because too thin couldn’t find one appealing style.

At the end wore a black jacket and leather pants, adding a small tie, the whole person became “man”, totally handsome.

She originally wanted to put some beard, making it even more manly, but the staff stopped her saying: “then it’ll totally be a man!” then she gave up.

Jolin and Show from the same company and also good friends appeared together, the two also took away 3 big awards, resulting in the biggest winners.

Jolin was in a Valentino spring dress gown, revealing shoulders and breast; sexy appearance as always. Show Luo changed into a handsome suit, not letting Ella’s male style outshine.

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