HK directors spring party looks back at the achievement in the past one year

Two nights ago HK directors & guests gathered together for a spring party.
Three big awards were given out, namely 2006 most recommended movies,
2006 most outstanding movies & 2006 new artistes awards,
to commend the outstanding movies, directors & new actors on the past one year.

Gordon Chan succeeded the previous president, Ann Hui as the new president. Patrick Tam, Andrew Lau & Zhuang Zhen (Media Asia senior officer) received the award for Alan Mak Patrick Tam Ka Ming of After This Our Exile, Andrew Lau & Alan Mak ("Confession of pain") & Zhuang Zheng who represented Johnnie To ("Exiled") are winners of Outstanding Directors/Movies in 2006.

2006 most recommended movies have 4 due to 2 movies having the same marks, they are "After This Our Exile", "Exiled", "Fearless" & "A Battle of Wits".

In the Best New Artiste category, Ng King-To or Goum Ian Iskandar of
"After This Our Excile" won the gold award, while "My Name is Fame Fok Sze Yin" won silver medal, Betty Sun Li of "Fearless" won the bronze medal.

HKFA chairman Wen Zhou disclosed that the 5 Best Actor nominees had their photos taken, as Jet Li was in Shanghai shooting they had to go to Shanghai to take for him, he thanked Chow Yin Fat who was first to agree & put in his best. A regret Gong Li didn’t have her photo taken, they won’t use computer effect to include her.

On the HKFA day, Jet will be in Australia & not able to attend.
Chow will be busy shooting Red Cliff, he has applied for Chow
to take leave from John Woo.
Jay Zhou will be guest presenter.

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