HK Actress Shu Qi ‘I’m More Than Sexy’

The post-filming presentation of "My Wife is a Gangster 3" (directed by Jo Jin-gyu, produced by Hyunjin Cinema) was held in Seoul Wednesday. The third in a series of Korean comic action movies stars sexy Hong Kong actress Shu Qi as the female lead.

Hong Kong actor Ti Lung, who graced the late ’80s Chinese noir films including the "True Colors of the Heroes," also made a special apperance in the film.

Shu Qi clinched the heroine role this time following Korean actress Shin Eun-kyung. She will show off daring action stunts while playing Aryung, an heiress to Hong Kong’s number one gang. Ti Lung plays her father, the gang boss.

The story begins when Aryung takes refuge in Korea from a gang spat in Hong Kong and receives the protection of Korean gangster Gichul played by Lee Bum-soo.

To communicate with Aryung, Gichul hires Chinese Korean interpreter Yunhee played by comical actress Hyeon Yeong. Hilarious misinterpretation episodes comprise a large part of the comic flick.

Set to be released on December 28th, the film was sold to eight Asian countries at a total 660,000 dollars at last month’s American Film Market.

Director Jo and cast members Shu Qi, Lee Bum-soo, Ti Lung, Hyeon Yeong and Oh Ji-ho attended the Wednesday event.

Ti Lung said "thank you" in Korean and presented a martial arts demonstration saying he was pleased to attend such a noteworthy event. Well-known for his martial arts talent, the actor humbly said that he only learned bits and pieces while shooting films.

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