Hins Cheung Interviews Ada Choi

Hins Cheung Interviews Ada Choi

"The Dance of Passion" revealed once again to the viewers the refined acting of Ada Choi. As an artiste, whether you meet a good script and a producer who values you is entirely down to luck. The Ada in our eyes is a lucky person, but in her eyes, everything is thanks to God’s love…

H: Hins Cheung
A: Ada Choi

Career Emerged from Tears

In many people’s hearts, Ada is their Best Actress. After taking part in Miss Hong Kong at the age of 17, she quickly rose to a leading lady and her career seemed to be plain sailing, but behind the initial success, there were tears and at one stage, her self-confidence was rock bottom.

H: You entered the industry through Miss Hong Kong 1991, did you ever think about leaving after the contest (and not entering showbiz)?

A: No, taking part in Miss Hong Kong was my childhood dream and from an early age, I had wanted to enter showbiz. My family had waited for the day I could enter this industry, so in Form 3 at school, I had already entered a Super Model contest and even before I had graduated from form 5, I had entered the contest. However, I was not thankful then and my life was full of tears. Not knowing how to act or how to host, when I hosted EYT, I even read people’s names wrong, so I felt really useless.

H: Hosting on EYT was already a good position.

A: Having a good position was the worst thing because I felt that I did not deserve to do this because I had lazy pronunication and at the time, there was a character in a series called ‘Lik Hang’ and I kept calling him ‘Lik Hen’ and it was only after filming the very last episode that I realised I had been pronouncing it incorrectly, but I was totally oblivious to the problem, so don’t you think this was a major issue? In the end, I learned to read the bible and correct my lazy pronunciation.

Filming Debut was Full of Reprimands

H: You worked with Aaron (Kwok) during your first series, did you think you would make a name for yourself through this?

A: At the time, as long as I didn’t mess up, then it was okay, because I was already pretty bad at hosting and I thought that if I can’t even get this series right, then I would be dead. In the series, it tells of how Aaron has a secret crush on me and there was a lot of pressure. I remember that in the first scene, I had to memorise four pages of lines and complete it in one take, but when I remembered my lines, I would forget my expressions and as it was a night scene, we also had to adjust for lighting as well, so for a newcomer, it was not easy and I was scolded all the time by the directors. I felt that I was really useless and did not know how I would establish myself afterwards.

Crying Silently Behind Others

H: Did you ever cry about this? Did you think about giving up?

A: I would never cry in front of other people, but when I got home and the emotions gathered, then I would cry non-stop. However, I never thought about giving u, because I had no other road I could take and as I was interested in acting, the company was giving me a lot of opportunities. I did not take a vacation from 1992 to 1995 and even before finishing one series, I had another one starting. On this marathon filming run, I gradually learned how to compromise with the camera and during this time, I became happier.

H: After so many years, which role is the most memorable? Which role is the most like your own personality?

A: The most memorable was Chiu Yuk [Dance of Passion]. When I act, I will think through how to do it when I receive the script, but producer Chik (Kei Yi) told me to forget about everything beforehand and think from scratch about how Chiu Yuk is. This role is completed different from my normal self and often I would carry off the whole scene, so it was very hard work and I had to pray every time I went into the studio. As for the most similar role, it was in "Armed Reacion IV" because the character is very tomboyish and was very direct about doing things. How she dealt with her romances was particular resemblant.

Finding New Life through the Love of Religion

After the days without God in her life, this made Ada cherish everything she has even more and she will always be smiling. Since becoming a Christian, she has a happy and thankful heart and understands the meaning of life.

H: Many people know that you are a Christian, have you had any periods where you felt you could not see God?

A: I put God aside in 1995 and at the time, my career was going very well and I even filmed movies with Stephen Chow and Jet Li, but then I had nothing to do and in 9 months, no-one offered me any work. Coupled with the poor relationship I had with my family, I felt very helpless. At the time, I had no friends and was overly self-protecting, so I was very false and would not put my heart into friendships and did know know what point there was to life. In 1996, I returned to the church and began to realise my problems, I found love there and also met a lot of friends. I brought God into my work and I changed entirely.

H: Christians usually feel very humble, have you ever lost out on any opportunities because of your faith? When I first started in the industry, people told me to offer incense and join in the photo to increase press coverage, but I felt I would rather have less publicity. I would joke with them and say: "If I carried a cross, then there would be even more pictures of me."

A: I turned down some films because of God or when I was out spreading the gospel, but I believe that God has His arrangements for me. I remember in 1998, a TV station offered me a job and the pay was very good, but because I had to film a ghost story, I decided to stay at TVB and film for "Secret of the Heart", then I received a female lead award for this series, so I was very thankful.

Searching for Love & Chan Siu Sang

After many years in the industry, Ada’s most recognised boyfriend in the past was Nicky Wu, but now he has married his new girlfriend recently, whilst Ada is still searching and waiting for her real life ‘Chan Siu Sang’ to appear.

H: You are now the dream lover of many people, were you the target for dates when you were at high school?

A: No, I was not the school beauty when I was at school and no-one really dated me. At the time it was really crazy and I felt that the boys who would like me were not good boys because if they liked me, they would be the ones who would go for anything. So I really hated them. The people who are courting me now though, of course they have good taste! Haha!

H: You have dated people from within the industry, did you split because of the pressure caused by gossip?

A: There were a lot of problems then, but the one that caused the split was a personal one. I think about 20% was down to the gossip, when the magazines would say one day that you were a perfect match and then the next they would say that your background isn’t strong enough. As a result, I will not reveal any future relationships again, but I do not mind dating men from within the industry.

H: In so many TV series, which male character would be your perfect partner?

A: "Armed Reactions" Chan Siu Sang. I like active men, who know how to play with me and make me happy. I am very scared of boyfriends who are too serious or who are always preaching to me.

H: Have you thought about when you will get married?

A: In the past, I thought that you had to have a lot of money to get married, but now I feel that if you have love, then that is enough. The most important thing is to be able to communicate and if I find this person, then I will marry him.

Epilogue: Just Believe

Inviting Ada to this interview, you can feel her directness and also her deep belief in her foundations of fai
th. She says that she is not too worried about the future, because God has laid a path for her… thank you for her making us aware that if you just believe, then you will possess.

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