Hero Jaejoong of DBSG Paternity Case

According to the Court sources, sometime ago a person [here being direct as Han] said that he’s the father of TVXQ Member: Kim Jae Joong. Han mentioned that after he had divorced with his ex-wife, the custody of Kim Jae Joong was given to his ex-wife. However, he became to know that his ex-wife didn’t foster the son to her relatives, instead, the custody was given to the third party, and thus, he filed the lawsuit.

After divorcing with the real mother of JaeJoong, he had given the custody to his ex-wife and afterwhich, he started his new life. Han indicated that JaeJoong’s foster parents didn’t arranged for a official adoption procedure and immediately regard JaeJoong as their own son.

The court personnel said that:"What really matters is whether has the foster son and parents gone through the official adoption procedure,” ‘If the adoption has proved to be confirm, it is indeed difficult for Han to register Kim Jae Joong’s as his own child evenif it was confirm that JaeJoong is Han real son through DNA.
He then adds on that:"More people who are related to this lawsuit will be called in for investigation, including Kim Jae Joong and Han who will be having an DNA. Regarding this lawsuit, the foster parents of Kim Jae Joong lawyer said that:’Han did filed the lawsuit. However as Kim Jae Joong already had the surname as KIM , it is absolute alright for the adoption.’

The court will have its first hearing on 29th of Novemember.

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