Hello! Miss Review

Country: Korea
Genre: Comedy
Release Year: 2007
Type: Series

Hwang Dong Gyu is sent by his grandfather to buy a piece of land named Hwa Ahn Dang, a sacred area passed down from generation to generation. When Hwang Dong Gyu meets the owner of the place, Lee Su Ha, he is appalled to find that she won’t sell. Dong Gyu’s grandfather, the owner of a massive corporation, tells him that they must buy the land at any cost because of the history between grandfather and Hwa Ahn Dang. As Hwang Dong Gyu persists in his efforts to buy Hwa Ahn Dang, he realizes that he is slowly falling in love with the owner, Lee Su Ha. However, his own cousin, the womanizer Hwang Chan Min, also has his eyes on Lee Su Ha. Then there’s Suh Hwa Ran, the company’s top model who seems to have her eyes set on Hwang Chan Min and who opposes everything that concerns Lee Su Ha.

This movie is one of the funnier Korean dramas I’ve seen. It’s completely light-hearted; the situations aren’t very serious, and as a result you won’t find many truly dramatic scenes. In addition, the antagonists and protagonists are all good-natured, so there isn’t even a true villain. The light-heartedness of the series is probably the main problem, as I didn’t find it dramatic enough to make me want to watch more. There were several laugh out loud moments, but unfortunately the storyline wasn’t gripping enough for me.

Lee Da Hae is a talented actress, especially at humorous roles. In comparison with other actresses, she can be a bit more over-the-top and exaggerated, which makes her perfect for funny roles; however, she didn’t make her character especially memorable or outstanding in Hello! Miss. I wasn’t wowed with her performance, although I did feel that she was very entertaining and hilarious.

Lee Ji Hoon definitely had his breakout role in this drama. He was incredibly funny in this series, especially in the one episode where he dressed as a woman. He was also more realistic than Lee Da Hae, which gave his character a little bit more credibility than Lee Da Hae’s over-exaggerated rendition of Lee Su Ha. Surprisingly, I found him to be a better actor than Lee Da Hae, although he is actually just another singer-turned-actor. He definitely has a future in the acting biz.

There are a ton of sub-characters, but none of them really made an impact on the storyline. Although the male antagonist, Hwang Chan Min, was somewhat funny, he didn’t really make me doubt whether Hwang Dong Gyu and Lee Su Ha would end up together. The main female antagonist also did not really affect the main storyline very much. In truth, the series put in way too many unimportant characters, such as Lee Su Ha’s annoying friend, her sister, her brother, her senior friends, Hwang Dong Gyu’s aunt, his other aunt, etc. These characters just seemed to drag the storyline to unbearable lengths or to input an occasional funny scene, and they were completely unneeded.

Hello! Miss is worth a watch, but it definitely won’t go down as one of the top Korean dramas you’ve ever seen. After a while, it just seems to drag and drag, and the result is watching a pretty boring series. However, this series is incredibly humorous, so it may be worth watching if you are into non-serious dramas. Although not for everyone, there is still some good value in this series.

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