Health advantage of Kimchi

It has antibacterial effect
Well-fermented kimchi has anti-biotic characteristics as lactic acid bacteria produced in the process of fermentation suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. This bacteria not only gives a sour flavor to mature kimchi, but also prevents excessive fermentation by restraining the growth of other bacteria in the intestines.

With fiber, it prevents entiritis and colonitis
Vegetable that is material of kimchi contains lots of fiber, so it prevents constipation and diseases such as enteritis and colonitis.

Digestion of lactic acid bacteria(lactobacillus)
The principle materials used to make kimchi contains commonly lots of moisture, so it has low contents of other nutrients. But lactobacillus blocks the increase of hamful bacteria in internal organs, stimulates the secretion of pepsin, the analysis ferment of protein in stomach and intestines and helps digestion by normalizing the distribution of microbes in internal organs. Kimchi, the representative fermentation food of Korea performs digestion that suppresses the rearing of harmful bacteria by lowering the acid rate in internal organs like yogurt, and as it is ripen, lactic acid bacteria increases, Generally, kimchi with pH 4.6~4.2 and acid rate 0.6~0.8 has good taste and contains the most vitamin C.

Prevention of and toxicosis
Kimchi is alkaline food provider that prevents acid toxicosis generated by acidification of blood when having too much meat or acid food.

The development of diseases
In addition, the lactic acid is effective in preventing the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes,and even gastrointestinal cancers.

Purification of anti aterio and anti acidification and anti aging function
According to the result of recent research, it was found that kimchi has effect to prevent arteriosclerosis by decreasing the amount of cholesterol in blood and analysing fibrin. In the experiment using white mouse, it was found that kimchi decreases even the amount of fat density in the liver. .
Also, as kimchi has anti acidification effect by the activation ingredients such as vitamin C,

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