Having anxiety lately?


Use this diet to help relieve nervous tension, cramps, pain, anxiety, insomnia, bloating, constipation, dryness

General treatments:
Please just eat what is appropriate for you. If you are intolerant of any food or simply do not like it then please avoid it.

  • This diet is to help raise the digestive fire and enhance the assimilation of nutrients which will help calm the nervous system.
  • Emphasise foods that are warm, soupy and easy to digest.
  • Eat at regular times.
  • Eat to less than full.
  • Practice relaxation.
  • Avoid yeast, refined sugars, coffee, tea, tobacco, drugs, poor quality oils and extremely spicy foods as these aggravate the digestion and the nervous system.
  • Favour foods that are warm, heavy, and oily as these nourish the nervous system.
  • Reduce foods that are cold, dry, and hard as these aggravate digestion.
  • Favour foods that are sweet (e.g. wheat, milk, rice), sour (e.g. vinegar, yogurt, umeboshi plums, citrus fruit), and salty as these are all nourishing.
  • Reduce foods that are very spicy, bitter (e.g. coffee, chillies, green leafy vegetables), and astringent (e.g. apples, beans) as these aggravate digestion and disturb the nervous system.
  • Dairy: all dairy products nourish the nervous system. Always boil milk before you drink it, mix with cardamom seeds and drink it warm. Don
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