Han Sung-ju (한성주) aka Han Sung Joo Sex Video leaked

Han Sung Ju 한성주Han Sung Ju
Han Sung-ju (한성주) or Han Sung Joo is once Miss Korea, crowned in 1995 recently hit the internet buzz with her leaked documents (claimed to be her abortion report) and video of her sex scandals. She is a newswoman when the whole incident happened. There are purportedly reasons behind such leaks and the culprit of such act is suspected to be friend of the ex-boyfriend of Han Sung Joo. The motive as claimed was to seek for judgement and revenge. The leaked photos includes the abortion documents (from the medical department) ,the passport with the Hong Kong entry (the place where the abortion takes place) and short clip that reported to be linked to Han Sung Ju of having unprotected sex. It’s been a hot news now in Korea and I believe it could reach your local news soon.

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