Hacken will be singing “The Drive Of Life” TVB Themesong

TVB Grand Production "The Drive of Life" will be aired across South East Asia on 1st July and originally, the show had been scheduled to air on China Central Television Channel 1’s prime time slot at 8pm, but another series marking the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong has appeared on the scene entitled "Hong Kong Sisters" and this series has won the coveted spot, with "Drive" being moved to Channel 8 instead. The theme song to the series has been confirmed to be sung by Hacken Lee and written by Joseph Koo.

in case u don’t know, this is a REALLY GREAT NEWS, cuz this series will be aired in so many places and the A LOT of ppl will probably watch.


Title: The Drive of Life / Shui Yuet Fung Wan(tentative title)
NOTE: The series will be released in July 1st or* October 2007.

In celebration of HK 10th anniversary return to China, TVB will film two grand production series – A Tale Of Two Cities (80 episodes) & The Changing Times (60 episodes) later this year.

TVB has invited Mainland TV station CCTV to co-produce it. Because of sentimental value and the opportunity to break into Mainland market, a lot of artiste have expressed interest in this series.

Sales Presentation: *Dec 10th, 2006

Producer: Tommy Leung Kar Shu & Poon Ka Tak
Genre: Modern series with 60 episodes. Collaboration of TVB and Mainland China CCTV.
Filming: Sept 20th, 2006 (Start Oct 2006 and estimate end in April 2007)
Shooting location: Hong Kong, Mainland China (Beijing & Ningbo) and Vancouver, Canada.

Charmaine Sheh as Wing Sau Fung
Damien Lau as Wah Man Hang
Jessica Hsuan
Joe Ma
Kenneth Ma
Michael Miu as Wah Man Shek
Myolie Wu as Fong Bing Yee
Ng Wai Kwok as Ngai Tin Hang
Raymond Lam as Wah Zhen Pong
Ron Ng as Sin Gai Keung
Sheren Tang as Wong Siu Fan

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