Hacken Lee’s Wife Pregnant

Hacken Lee attended JSG’s Winter Hits Awards ceremony yesterday. When asked if wife, Emily Lo Suk Yee, was pregnant, Hacken did not deny the rumors. Hacken joked, “Later I will go to 7 Eleven to buy a pregnancy test!” Hacken requested reporters to ask him again next time.

Reporters believed that Hacken evaded the pregnancy question due to the high risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. Since Hacken did not directly deny the rumors, he led others to believe that Emily may indeed be pregnant!

Since Hacken will be releasing a music album soon, he utilized the rumors as an opportunity to promote his new album, which will be released in June/ July.
Hacken did not respond to rumors on plans to take 6 months off to spend with his pregnant wife. He only said that if Emily were indeed pregnant, Hacken will notify Alan Tam Wing Lun first.

Also, the heavily pregnant Kay Tse On Kei did not perform after receiving her award. She noted that the baby will be born in August.

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