Hacken Lee Talks About his Trip in Germany

As a self-confessed England super fan, Hacken Lee made a four day trip to Germany with his fiancee Emily Lo to watch his favourite team play. However, he met with some rather rowdy England fans who made fun of Emily, pulling at her visor and teasing her, leaving the usually rather cheeky Hacken rather angry and frightened as he quickly pulled her away. Already disappointed by England losing the game to Portugual, Hacken was even more outraged by this unacceptable behaviour from the fans.

Despite his anger, Hacken was not in a position to challenge the yobs, so he quickly took Emily and ran away from the trouble. Hacken says: “There was nothing I could say, there were over ten of them and I couldn’t argue with them. To avoid things getting out of hand, I pulled Emily away as I didn’t want any trouble, but the situation was quite horrible. (If this had happened in Hong Kong, would you have reacted?) Hong Kong people are more polite, so they wouldn’t do that. To be honest, most of the fans there were okay, but there are just some bad eggs.”

As well as his girlfriend being teased, Hacken had another bad experience with the England fans whilst they were on the train to the stadium. He says: “When we were going to see the England match, we had to take the train for an hour and a half to Cologne and then half an hour on the subway. I did not know that you could get the train for free if you had match tickets, so I bought two first class tickets, but it was packed like sardines in a tin. The England fans were shouting and chanting on the train as well as banging on the windows and I was worried that there might be an accident.”

Also, Hacken laughs about being searched when he entered the stadium: “All the spectators were searched thoroughly when they entered the stadium, checking from top to toe, even near the genital area. It felt very strange. Also you weren’t allowed to take drinks inside, so I was forced to buy the $35 a cup drinks from the stadium. Even though I was conserving the drink, I still bought five cups, leaving me rather broke! The hotel was also about $9000 a night, so the whole trip cost me several tens of thousands. The Germans seem to be following the advice of our Chief Executive and they only have airconditioning at 25.5 degrees, so it was very hot. Now I realise why German beer is so famous, because I drank so much!” Hacken reveals that he and Emily visited the Dom (Cathedral) in Cologne, but he says: “I will not get married in a church, because I am not a Christian.”

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